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  • Rodnande Romantiker – My new song!

    Here is some new stuff for you! Of course in Swedish this time! Hör du också till dem som 14 februari kl. 16.15 står i en blombutik och trängs bland ortens män och samtidigt inser att det är marknadskrafterna som tvingat dig dit? Kanske har du försökt spjärna emot, men till[…]

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  • Ibland blir man lite glad!

    Ofta när man håller på med ett projekt funderar man allvarligt på om det är värt att presentera för någon. När man sedan gjort det och får läsa så många fina comments på sociala medier – då vet man att det var värt mödan. Tack till alla snälla människor som[…]

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  • 2016

    The year that started with a singlerelease an ended with christmas songs.   2016 has been a nice year with a lot of singing. Most of the time me and my guitar, but also a big project touring in gymnasier meeting a new young audience. Svante is my new pal and[…]

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  • Gymnasie tour

    I am really grateful to Svenska kulturfonden who supported us this fall. We have met a lot of students and teachers and have been given the possibility to share my lifestyle music with them. Its a great feeling to se “tumbs up” from students when they leave the event. I[…]

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  • Time flyes

    Summervacation is over for this year and I am facing an interesting music period. 20.8 we are giving a concert in the church of Petalax. I have my band with me and I look forward meeting the audience there. We are also meeting a total new audience when we start[…]

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  • Contribution

    This year I am lucky to recieve a contribution from Svenska kulturfonden to be able to do conserts for gymnasier in Österbotten. I look forward meeting a new young audience with my band and let my music open up a discussion regarding silence, patience, and a slower lifestyle. The project[…]

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  • That was 2015

    Again one year in the box. For me it was a year without much inspiration to write songs. Good so! Usually it takes ½ year to recover from releasing and touring with a new album. This year I have been working with songs written by others and I also started[…]

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